Compressed wood pallet


Compressed wood Pallets are manufactured and designed as an alternative to standard wooden and plastic pallets. Standard wooden pallets are often subjected to strict import restrictions and plastic pallets to environmental accusations . Made from materials ranging from recycled wood chips to agricultural residue fiber, these pallets could be produced to be eco-friendly and in compliance with ISPM 15 guidelines for wood packaging.

Compressed wood pallets are manufactured in the same way as particle board. After drying the woodchips at as high as 65°C to moisture content of less than 10%, it is then molded under a hot compression molding process with a similar binder used in particle board.

This process involves a pressure and temperature of as high as 85kg/cm2 and up to 150°C, respectively .

No living plant pests can survive this hot compression molding process. The high density of these compressed wood pallets, as high as 1.3 g/cm3, produced under this process is resistant to any wood boring insect and future infestation . This kind of Pallets can hold substantial load capacities. It is relatively lightweight, nestable, stackable and can be used with or without skid, so it help to reduce storage space and freight costs during shipment while being environmentally friendly.


  • Nestable, 4-way entry
  • Comes with detachable skids
  • Suitable for airfreight
  • Can be used on roller conveyor with or without skid
  • Strong and durable physical properties
  • Suitable for out-door use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Don’t require fumigation
  • Nesting ratio of 5:1 






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