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Colored wood chips is made from waste wood streams. usually scrap wood or recycled wood product , that's everything from pallets to saw mill waste to land-clearing debris … that is colored with iron oxide or carbon-based pigment dispersions to attain a uniform, attractive, long-lasting appearance.

For small producers just starting out, any mixer will do, even a concrete mixer. Larger producers will appreciate the power and efficiency of a high-energy, continuous-feed mixing system . In the mixer, colorant is dispersed in water and is applied to the wood chips . Improved mixing action reduces water rates and improves the final product.

Finished goods inventorying varies based on the end markets you will service -- bag or bulk. Designing a cost-effective system at this point depends on selecting the correct conveying and stacking equipment as well as site design.

From there, the mulch ( colored chips ) can be bagged, trucked in bulk to retail locations, or loaded with an Express Blower system.


Landscape colored wood chips has the following characteristics and advantages : 

  • Very decorative product

  • 100% Recycled Product

  • Reduces water evaporation from the soil surface

  • Enhances flower & shrub areas

  • Reduces weed propagation

  • Maintains color for over 2-3 years

  • Effective against soil erosion

  • Saves on water bills

  • Moderates soil temperature

  • Promotes microorganisms in soil ..


Landscape Colored Wood Chips


 Landscape Colored Wood Chips 



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